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About EmmaLou

A Little Girl and a Big Heart

It all started when I got to go to work with my mom, she runs Orangetheory's. After members got done working out I would make them all notes telling them they did a great job, to keep up the good work and to have a great day. One day I said to my mom I want to start my own business. I want to make Jewelry that will make people have a great day like my note but they can wear it all day long. 

I want to make people happy!!!


I'm a 8 years old (I was 7 when we started this Journey). I love meeting new people especially kids and I love making new friends. I love to have fun, read, craft, play, sing, rock climb, box and love. I love adventures and starting this business is and adventure and fun sometimes it's rough and lots of work!

Don't Worry...

I am not in this alone. My mom is helping me with it all. She is my investor and I love her. I get to spend so much time with her making bracelets and she is teaching me how to set up my own business. 

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